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4711 - My Iconic Childhood Product

4711 (four-seven-eleven) is an iconic family product in my family. Growing up my mum always had the hugest bottle which was around 800 ml this was seriously the size of some alcohol bottles. My uncle had got my mum this from Germany as she absolutely adored the stuff. 

I never really knew what it was that is until I became all hormonal and stuff. It was around the age of ten that I first got to use it but it was only a few years back I realised that we were actually using it as something else. See 4711 contains a heap of alcohol and my mum liked to use this for two reasons. The first was to apply directly to the skin to dry up spots and acne - It works a treat believe it or not and far surpasses many of the high street branded spot treatments. The second was as a unisex fragrance. 

4711 Contains notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Orange Oil, Basil, Peach, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Melon, Lily, Cyclamen, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar, Tahitian Vetiver and Patchouli. The Cyclamen and Lemon are the notes that stand out for me this has a very fresh and clean scent and does come across as being very antibacterial but in a good way. 

I know there are some people who simply don't like this. If you're a lover of very sweet and feminine scents then you probably won't like this. If you enjoy a good wood base, fresh scents and scents that veer onto the masculine side then you're going to love this. 

The beauty blogger in me knows that my next tip is so wrong, but the woman in me who struggled with spots, boils, and acne knows that I really must advocate this also as a spot treatment; how could I not when I know it works so darn well. Of course, you must ensure you're only applying to your spots and please moisturise your skin as you will dry it out if you miss that step. 

I always have a bottle in my collection and I'll probably always have at least one bottle from here on out. It's not expensive and a 25ml bottle costs £6.49 at Boots. You can also purchase 4711 in stick form similar to how the witch hazel sticks are packaged. 

This is available from Boots HERE, Amazon HERE and Escentual HERE.

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  1. I always see this in Boots and I'm drawn to the packaging, I've never actually given it a sniff though! Going to give it a go next time I see it! xx


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