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Adam & Eve Launches in The UK

I just heard that Australian brand Adam & Eve are making it's UK debut at Olympia Beauty in September. Adam & Eve offer their customers a completely awesome range of wax for hair removal. 

Normally hair removals, not something I'd choose to feature, I mean everyone has their chosen method from razors, hair removal cream, epilating, home or salon waxing. For me personally, I like to shave (normally with a men's Mac 3) and I also tweeze my leg hair. It's actually the tweezing that's made the biggest difference as those hairs just tend to fall out on their own now - I should possibly think of epilating shouldn't I? 

When it comes to waxing there's just something that doesn't grab me. Wax is wax, strips are strips there's nothing remotely interesting is there? This range, however, plays on my 'oooh' factor. The colours, the scented waxes and just the overall concept is exciting. Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla, Olive, Coconut & Lime and Lavender - Wax! these sound more like puddings don't they. 

Part of me wants to get some just to see what they smell like, the other part wants me to get some just to see how well they actually perform. This is supposed to be smooth and creamy to apply and this wax is supposed to leave you feeling soft without the pain of some standard waxes. Each pot is enough to defuzz 40 legs and the wax can be added to a head roller pot so you can heat and roll without the fuss. 

Apparently, the red strawberry wax on the left has sparkles in it -Freekin SPARKLES! I'm sold! You can check out their website as they do also offer a larger range of beauty products. Also, you can get tickets to Olympia Beauty events over on their site here.

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