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Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme

Anna Sui has rolled out their La Vie de Boheme fragrance on August 5th exclusively at Debenhams. You can, however, get elsewhere from September 1st but why wait? I will be purchasing this I know that for sure, I'm a huge fan of Anna Sui perfumes such as Anna Sui Dreams, Anna Sui Dolly Girl and Anna Sui - Anna Sui.

Notes include Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit), Turkish Rose, Pear, Red Berries, Magnolia, Freesia, Peony, Raspberry, Black Vanilla Husk, Woody Notes, Sandalwood and finally Musk. Yummy right? If this perfume was a person she would be a fun, playful and exciting young woman who has a deeper darker side. A girl who's all about the free-spirited lifestyle but has morals and ambition. 

Prices are £29 for 30ml and £39 for 50 ml. I'm hoping there shall be some sort of gift set or Christmas inspired collection with this fragrance in it. What do you guys think? Yes or no? 

You can purchase this from the Debenhams website. 

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