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Are You a Killer Queen? Katy Perry's New Fragrance Launches

Katy Perry has finally launched an exciting 'news-worthy' fragrance, Killer Queen is the third in her range of fragrances but it's the first that's she's partnered with Coty for. This time around it feels like there has been a ton more thought put into every step of the process; the bottling, colour palette, notes, inspiration, marketing and who the target market is. 

Available just now (yay it's finally nice to blog about products available for sale just now) the bottle is the first thing that stands out. It's definitely not standard in any way as it's jewel shaped and lies on it's side - personally I think it's gorgeous - I want it - I need it. The deep shades of reds and golds are enhanced by Katy's marketing ad's and subsequent advert; in it Katy wears a golden crown and seems to channel Marie Antionette's regal persona. 

Notes include; Dark Plum, Wild Berries and Bergamot rest on a heart of Red Velvet Flower and Natural Jasmine; base notes consist of Cashmeran and Liquid Praline *sigh* Luxury at it's best, the scent is sexy, high class and warm and it's my type of scent - do you like these types of fragrances? 

Available in 100ml (£37.99), 50ml (£28.99) and 30ml (£22.99) you can pick this up at the Perfume Shop HERE or any local stores such as Boots or Superdrug's. 


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