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Argentum Apothecary's La Potion Infinie

We ladies (and gents) spend hundreds to thousands of pounds over the years on trying to improve our skin and ultimately turn back the clock. Ageing is something that we just can't 'fix' but what we can do is use the right products, eat healthily, exercise and laugh a-lot to try and hinder the speed in which we age. 

I've tried brands from L'Oreal to Creme de La Mer and everything in between. I've found cheap creams to work better than expensive ones and vice-versa but, I've never found a cream that's given me the 'I now understand why creams can carry a large price tag' kinda thought. Until now. 

Let me introduce the cream that changed my way of thinking... La Potion Infinie.

La Potion Infinie combines natural ingredients - Currently 99.5% is natural and the 0.5% is made of dependable chemical based ingredients. Ingredients include Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, the Silver Hydrosol acts as a harmonising ingredient - It's a powerful antibacterial and boost happy skin flora. The DNA HP acts like a sponge soaking in moisture to hydrate your skin. Most other brands simple coat the skin to keep moisture in but this can leave that greasy-shiny coating on your skin which doesn't ever look good. 

The cream comes in a 70 ml violet jar which is heavy and expensive looking and feeling. The jar is also housed in a totally awesome packaging. The design is made up of hand drawn monochrome waves and flying swans and comes complete with an Archetype card. There are various Archetype cards so it's left to chance as to which one you get. 

I received the 'Sage' card. These I suppose act in the same way as Tarot cards and really make the product feel as though it was made for me. Is it weird that I can think of a product in this way? It really feels mysterious but in a good way. 

The Sage card means: 

'Summer's swooping birds disappear over the horizon and take with them conflicts and concerns. You are filled with hope and now is the time to fulfill those promises to yourself. You can choose happiness. close the door on old commitments once you have met all your obligations and decided here and now to let others help you. Search your soul and the answers will come to you.'

On the other side of the card is an open out booklet and a small spatula and neatly tucked into it's little home. I love how cute this looks and of course it is much more hygienic to apply creams to the skin with a spatula. It stops the transfer of bugs and of course bugs ruining your creams and then your skin. 

It's the fragrance also that does it for me. I explained it to my aunt as being the type of scent that sexy, so darn sexy that you just want to make love to it - if that was possible. It's definitely a unisex fragrance and to be honest I'm hoping Argentum Apothecary venture out into fragrances as I would be snapping this scent up in an instant. 

Top notes includes Orange from Brazil, Bergamot and Lemon from Italy; Middle notes include Rosewood from Brazil, Geranium Leaf from Egypt, Nutmeg from Indonesia, Bay from the Caribbean and Turkish Rose. These notes all sit on a bottom layer of Sandalwood from India and Patchouli from Indonesia. 

The cream itself looks like an average cream, it has more of a lotion consistency and upon application it sinks in quickly but, this is when the magic happens and believe me it happens - On my first ever test I did a quick back of the hand test applying it only to my left and not to the right. I tend to work in this way when testing over long periods so I can definitely say a product does or doesn't work, I figured if I saw improvements on my face and my hand then it's definitely worked. 

So I applied it to my left hand and there was an immediate difference. Apparently it contains caffeine which instantly tightens the skin and believe me when I say it does. My hands throughout the day tend to get quite veiny, uneven and vary in colour. After applying La Potion Infinie it looked smooth and calm. I found similar results on my face and decolletage. 

This cream doesn't run cheap at £147 for a 70 ml jar but I can firmly say it works. It's the only expensive cream that has worked for me and yes that does include Creme de la Mer. A little goes a long way also and when you're seeing instantaneous results (even if they aren't permanent) then why waste a hundreds or thousands on products that don't work over the years? 

I'm also going to be adding this to the Christmas count down because this would make a really fabulous gift for a loved one. You can pick this up over on the Argentum Apothecary website HERE 


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