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Artdeco's New Colour & Art Collection

I adore Artdeco Cosmetics probably as much as M.A.C fans adore M.A.C. The funny thing is I only found out about the brand late last year. Initially, it was the polishes that drew me in but these days their mascara's and eyebrow felt pens are my must-have items. It's Artdeco that I measure other brands against, many don't ever meet the same standards and I only recently found another mascara that I liked as much as Artdeco's. 

Their ranges tend to cover the standard pantones seen in most high-end beauty collections. They do occasionally throw in a different product such as their duo-chrome polish just to keep us hooked - It's Artdeco's classical personality that I adore, they don't oversell it, they don't try too hard and their packaging and products are chic plain and simple. 

I recently found out about the release of the Colour & Art collection and having taken a peek at the products I'm excited. Talk about colour these products are full of rainbow tones and are the sorts of colours that scream 'summertime' even if we are getting thunder and lightning. The collection covers all beauty needs; from blushers, eyeshadows and mascara are to polishes and lip lacquers. I am really excited by the release of the latest mascaras and this collection as it feels positive - I love that the brand isn't scared to shake things up. 

Want to take a peek?.... 

First up are the blushers (£10.25). There are only two which I'm slightly gutted about; I'd have loved to have seen a light pink blush and possibly a pastel lilac shade too. These two colours, however, are great starting points for most skin tones and Artdeco products tend to go on smoothly and have a softer texture so can be layered.  

The ceramic nail lacquers (£9.50) come in eight vibrant shades. Each nail lacquer contains a patented plasticiser and polymer to make the formula resistant to chipping. I can't take my eyes off the teal and lime shade which look spookily similar to Barry M's Guava and Key Lime don't they? 

Palettes that allow you to add your own pans and pots are becoming really popular I mean why wouldn't they? having the option of carrying your favourite eyeshadows and blushers just makes things so much easier. The Beauty Box Trio (£9.50) allows you to do just that, carry your favourite eyeshadows or blushers. 

The eyeshadows (£5.50) are available in twelve new shades. Each shade has a shimmery pearl finish and has been made to give lasting results while being completely wearable for day or evening wear.

There are four new Soft Waterproof Eyeliners (£8.00). Developed to provide a creamy soft application, these eyeliners have been made to give long-lasting smudge proof results while being easy to handle. If you can handle crayons then chances are you're going to master these. Personally, I wished they had covered more colours such as pinks, purples and silvery white. 

Similarly these Waterproof Soft Lip Liners (£8.00) have been made to give similar results but for the lips (of course).  I love the range of colours, I am seriously crushing on the first and the last shades. 

Lippys! I think I may have a lippy addiction I really do. I'm finding there's never enough colours in most ranges with the exception of MAC. Artdeco have released a further six shades in this collection, these are called the Perfect Colour Lipstick (£10.25). Like the rest of the Colour & Art collection these are highly pigmented and creamy soft, made to give the wearer that durable pop of colour while moisturising the lips with the added Vitamin E.

Liquid Eyeliners still seem to be a classic, I know I don't tend to use this form of eyeliner - not since the invention of eyeliner felt tips. The Dip Eyeliner (£9.50) are made from a gel-like formula that leaves a pearly colour finish. The colour choices seem to be black, light and dark blue and purple. These are paraben and fragrance-free. 

Wonder Lash Intense Mascara (£13.25). Made to lengthen, separate and add extra volume to the lashes, while delivering a highly pigmented slick of colour. Not sure how I feel about these, the black looks and sounds great but coloured mascara just doesn't do much for a person overall look I don't think.

It was these Lip Lacquers (£12.00) that got me excited. These are the stand out product in this collection I think and I've swiftly added these to my beauty wishlist. High coverage, shiny finish and a creamy texture - what's not to love. These are suppose to feel velvety soft on the lips while delivering a super glossy shine that's durable. I do wonder if these have any stain properties.

These will be stocked in Debenhams stores Nationwide, I'm not sure of the exact release date but it should be either this month beginning next month. 

You can check out the Artdeco collection over on the Debenhams website HERE.


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