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Augusts Most Reached For

Okies I know August hasn't yet come to an end but I know for a fact that these products aren't going to change. So far it's been this selection that I've used every single day and it's these that I plan to continue using each day. 

As you know I'm trying to sort out my 'groundworks' trying to do a bit of maintenance and getting myself in order. It's easy enough to slap some makeup onto the face but if your healths pretty poop and it's resulted in your skin going crazy, your hair going limp and your body turning into the twin on the Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time then chances are you have a bit of groundwork to do. 

As soon as my body and face take over in this manner it does completely bum me out. I know I could bury my head and just cover it but ultimately it's my sense of self that needs to be dealt with before I'll feel confident and happy. I tend to start juicing more, getting more exercise, lots of laughter, lots of sleep and treating my skin and hair while letting them breathe. I find that getting moisture back into those frazzled cells really helps a lot - Most of the issues can be helped by applying and taking in more hydration, vitamins and minerals. 

Here are my 'beauty' products that I've used each day. You'll notice there's not a lot of makeup and it's mostly oils and gels. I've really noticed a huge difference with these products and I really do recommend each and every one of them for giving excellent results while helping to maintain the body's groundwork. 

My most reached for products are: 

♥ Mark Hill MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil: Review HERE
♥ Le Soft Perfume Emballe Moi Solid Perfume: Review HERE
♥ Artdeco Eyebrow Pen: Review HERE
♥ Artdeco Eyeliner: Review HERE
♥ They're Real Mascara: Review HERE
♥ Transformula's Eye Lightening Gel: Review HERE
♥ RapidShield: Review HERE
♥ Transformula's Eye Tightening Gel: Review HERE
♥ RapidLash: Review HERE

I'd love to read or see the products you've been reaching for. Pop your links in the comments below. 


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