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Australian Bodycare 3 Step Skincare

Australian Bodycare has been around for ages. This brand alongside Witch Doctor and 4711 were my staple spot care skin products when I was younger. The main ingredient and the ingredient that this brand is marketed on is their use of Tea Tree Oil. 

Tea Tree Oil is one of those amazing natural ingredients that can literally treat everything from inflammation, cuts, bruises, eczema as well as acne, spots and even nits. It's a great all-rounder and has proven itself time after time for me personally. I used Tea Tree and Tea Tree based products for everything as a child including tonsillitis - I won't try and urge you to gargle the mix because it is gross, but it works. 

As a parent, I've gone back to Tea Tree products for their nit hindering properties. I have two young sons in primary school and one in nursery chances are there's going to be some nits about, somewhere. I'm arming myself in defence against the critters by using Tea tree shampoo every few days. My sons dislike the scent but they soon stop complaining once it's faded (it fades as soon as they get dried). 

Australian Bodycare has become a solid part of our routine. It's not a product we use every day but it does get used a lot. I've found reverting back to this brand helps me tackle my spontaneous spot eruptions, I tend to use three products personally those are: 

* Hand & Body Lotion: This is a white fluid lotion that does smell of Tea Tree. It soothes the skin while leaving you feeling soft. It also melts in quite quickly and suits all skin types. 

* Cleansing Milk: A classic cleansing milk that really cleans the day's grime away. This doesn't leave your skin feeling blocked and congested like some other brands milk does. 

* Active Face Cream: This is a thick face cream that's suited more to drier skin types or as a night cream. I do wear this in the evening as it can leave the skin looking shiny for a short period of time. It leaves me feeling comfortable and soothed.

There are a ton of bloggers out there all bragging about the Acnigon Acne, Spot and Pimple lotion that comes in the beauty boxes. The Acnigon is great but what they may not know is that Acnigon and Australian Bodycare come from the same brand. I personally opt for the Australian Bodycare due to our history and the packaging - I do feel the Australian Bodycare looks better. 

I'd fully recommend this range to anyone who has spots, redness or skin complaints. Also mothers and fathers of school-age children you must try out the shampoo it really does stop those hair lice and nits from attacking your child's head. Our sons have yet *touch wood* had an attack of nits.  

You can purchase this brand at stores such as Amazon, Feel Unique and even QVC. Prices do range from store to store so I'd definitely advise shopping about first of all. 


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