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Balm Lipstick by Hang Fang

I swear I shall eventually make my way through Ebay's foreign catalogue of lipsticks. This is another 99p lippy from China I believe. It's 'Balm' lipstick by Hang Fang 

It comes in a standard casing and twists up like most other lipsticks. For some reason when I decided to choose a colour I had a bit of a cray-cray moment. I thought 'oooh let's go for that incredibly nude lippy' Nude lippies, especially nudes this er, well nude have never looked good on me... ever! 

Looks like a concealer doesn't it? I may even give it  a bash as a concealer because let me tell you this looks horrid on the lips. It's so patchy and white and would only ever look good-ish on Halloween. 

It's so light I even struggled to get a good swatch pic. 

Even the swatch looks patchy. Personally this doesn't look good at all but I'm not going to condemn the brand yet, until I at least try another shade like their bubblegum pink. Have you or anyone you know ever rocked a nude this light? I can only go as light as Susan Posnick's Dubai lippy which looks totally awesome on. 

Thoughts or feelings on this brand or shade lovelies? 

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