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Barbara Daly (BD) Launches Lip Melts

Barbara Daly make-up - also known as BD have revealed that they are launching a new range of lip melts this autumn-winter.  The lip colours are suppose to provide a natural balmy shine with a sweep of colour, while replenishing moisture lost with the autumn winds and rain. 

The sticks have a twist up function so you can be sure to receive a good amount of product, there really is nothing worse than buying a stick cosmetic and only getting use of the tip due to it not being twist-able. 

There will be five autumnal shades available in the range: 

* Pure Plum - Sultry wine. 

* Iced Cookie - Shimmery neutral. 

* Raspberry Sorbet - Hint of pink

* Cherry Bomb - Sexy red. 

Pink Fudge - Ooey gooey fudge brown with a pink tinge. 

I really love stick product, you may remind me gushing about the Poundland chubby sticks on so many occasions and I also adore NYX Jumbo sticks and Clinique chubby sticks so these are going to get purchased for sure. Whether or not it's as soon as their released or if I'll wait for a bit to hear reviews I'm not sure. 

What do you make of these? Are you going to be checking them out? If you plan to you can do so either in your local Tesco store or online HERE


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