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Barry M Summer Collections & Nail Art Pens

I recently posted about the release of the Barry M Summer collection HERE. Barry M released five new colours in their latest Gelly polish offerings and I did write that I had fallen for Guava, Guava is a blue-turquoise shade. Basically I caved! I just couldn't not own any of them and as you can see I settled on Key Lime and Guava. 

Here they are. Honestly I presumed the Guava was going to be the stand-out colour but the Key Lime is ah-mazing. It's a mix between candy apple and a dusky green. They apply so easily and become fully streak free within one coat. The polish is cute thick and dries down to a super high gloss. 

I also got a Barry M Nail Art Pen in black. I've tried plenty of nail art pens but they are so difficult to handle, most of the ones I've tried have been a push nib which releases a thin coat of thin polish. These pens however are actual pens. Do you remember the Berol colouring markers you use to get at school? these are similar to those. They have a felt nib and are really easy to control leaving you with some awesome nail art. 

The nails above show you some of my quick artwork schools. I'm a complete beginner but had so much fun doing the checkered and polka dot designs. The nail art pens come in four colours; black, white, pink and silver - I really need pink next. 

I have to say I'm definitely getting into nail art, I have a few nail art favourites so please take a peek at their sites to gain inspiration and to marvel of their crazy nail art skills. 

Unfortunately, this range is no longer available however, you can check out some of the other Barry M products here.

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