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Beauty UK High Brow Kit

I'm starting to become fairly impressed with the continual release of products from Beauty UK. Following on from their Posh Pouts collection and Posh Palettes collections, they have launched their High Brow Kit. Big brows are in fashion - fact! I'm currently trying to grow mine back to a somewhat natural state so upkeep is essential. This kit would be ideal to ensure brows look spot on at all times. 

The kit is pocket-sized so can be easily taken everywhere in your makeup bag. It contains a mini set of tweezers so you can pluck any stragglers, a double-ended applicator with one angled end so you can precisely apply the waxes, the other end is oval shaped so you can blend and finish until your heart's content. 

The kit costs £3.99 and is suitable for all eyebrow shades. You can pick this up either over on the Beauty UK website HERE or at your local Superdrug. 

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