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Beauty UK Posh Palette Range

Beauty UK isn't a brand that I automatically veer towards but then I use to be like that with Oriflame, KIKO and Sleek - oh how things change. I can very much see however Beauty UK becoming a major player in the budget beauty world if they keep releasing products like this. 

They've just launched their range of Posh Palettes at the end of July which cost £5.99 - This is a teeny price for what you're actually getting. There are three palettes each containing ten shades of richly pigmented colour in a variation of finishes. 

The first palette is called 'Eden.' It contains dusky shades that leave an effortless allure; suited to the smoky eye lover. 

The second palette is called 'Masquerade' Very similar I suppose to Eden in that it's still dusky and sultry but it contains more sophisticated colours that can be work to work for example. 

And the third palette is called 'Festival' is the showstopper. Brights in an array of colours it's this palette that's going to draw in the masses - you know it, I know it - Be quick before it sells out. 

Each palette contains a mirror so you can touch up on the go as well as large pans so your shadows last for a decent amount of time. You can purchase the Posh Palettes either at Superdrugs or over on the Beauty UK website HERE.

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