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Benefit They're Real Mascara

Want to hear a secret? I've only JUST got Benefit's They're Real Mascara *oops* - My bad. The reason why? it's purely because I found a mascara that I adored (Artdeco) and really didn't think that anything would ever exceed or even match the results I got from that, believe me I have tried so-so many mascara's over the last few years especially trying to better the Artdeco brand mascara - most have failed miserably. 

But, you've probably guessed or why else would I be blogging about this? I LOVE it! Let me show you the product first of all. 

It comes boxed first of all, the box is a standard no fuss style packaging that's synonymous with the Benefit brand. Opening up the box you'll find a sleek mirrored mascara packaging that oozes glamour. 

The brush stands out due to it being different from most other brands. Most brands believe that adding a ton of fibre bristles in varying lengths will 'catch' each lash coating it with product. Benefit funnily enough don't - Their brush is rubbery and those rubbery bristles are spaced at even lengths apart rather than being bunched up. 

I found it so much easier to brush on the product and to actually get awesome looking lashes. My eyelashes actually look healthy and long. You've heard me moan about how short, stubby and sparse my lashes are but this mascara and I'm hoping the Rapidlash have made a huge difference. 

Take a peek....

Lashes *yay* there's no falsies, extensions or what not here guys. The mascara is more fluid than other brands, hasn't yet clumped or flaked and doesn't smudge, it is also a black-black rather than a dark grey black which most brands tend to be. 

They're Real costs £19.50 and is available over on the Benefit Cosmetics website HERE. Remember they also have their Booster Pack available shortly - You can read about that HERE.


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