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Benefit Vending in the USA

I can read minds, at this moment in time you're probably thinking 'aww how cute' I know I was when I saw this awesome little retro ice-cream/bus styled vending machine. This is no normal vending machine however as you won't receive any chocolate out of it but what you will get is so much better... Benefit Cosmetics! 

Apparently, this concept has been around for a while but Benefit recently announced that they will be unveiling 25 more 'kiosks' in major American airports this autumn. While I'm gutted that this hasn't come to the UK yet I know there are a huge majority of Sweet Elyse readers from America rejoicing. 

These 'kiosks' have been termed the 'Glam Up & Away' machines and they each contain thirty Benefit products including one of my faves -They're Real mascara. Also included is the POREfessional primer and a few travel-friendly kits. The machines not only vend Benefit products but they also offer a stream of advice such as tips on applying foundation and eye makeup - genius isn't it. 

While I can completely see the huge positives in this there are also negatives. I've been told that it vends the products safely so you don't need to worry about breakages, apparently, they have a bagging type system before it all vends out. My worry personally would be that it would eat my money - who would you then go to for your money back or your product? especially if you're getting ready to board a plane? 

As a professional, I'd also worry about financial losses with this type of kiosk. Let's be honest and say there are many peeps who will take advantage of this concept, will this then increase the price of Benefit products as a whole to cover said losses? 

Either way I just love the actual machine, it's very fifties, retro and PINK! What do you lovelies make of this machine and it's concept? Would you purchase your beauty goodies from it? 


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