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Black Chicken On Your Face?

Hahaha got you! you're not really expected to dye a chicken black and smear it on your face (imagine if that was in fact a beauty trend - eeek). Black Chicken Remedies is an award winning Australian skincare brand that is stocked in a variety of stores in both the UK and America. 

Recently they added the purifying oil cleanser to their product line and the good thing about it, other than it being an oil cleanser which I simply think is the best way to cleanse is that it's chemical free.  The product is rich, luxurious and works as a cleansing and anti-ageing formula. It removes make-up, dirt and grime while nourishing and boosting radiance - hell yeah I ordered this straight away. 

I'm actually so excited and can't wait for Mr or Mrs Post[wo]man to deliver it as I've not tried this brand yet. Cleanse My Face uses 14 medicinal oils to dissolve excess oils - this is amazing and having a background in herbalism and my current nutritionist and dietitian course I am all about the medicinal oils. Basically this product cleanses the skin is the best possible way without disturbing the skin's delicate flora. 

Because this product is so gentle it's suitable for sensitive skins as well as problematic skin types. Cleanse My Face contains Castor oil to really hydrate the skin; Castor oil actually penetrates the skin deeper than any other plant oil while drawing out impurities, organic Camellia Tea oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Organic Sesame Seed oil for it's antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory abilities, Organic Jojoba to balance oil flow plus Organic Macadamia oil for it's anti-ageing properties and it's ability to revive flagging skin. 

Essential oils include Palma Rosa to balance sebum and stimulate cell regeneration, Patchouli to calm inflamed skin and Geranium to combat the effect of hormone craziness. Pretty awesome sounding isn't it? 

I will put this firmly to the test once it arrives, it costs £38 for 100 ml's which will last a long-time. You can check out Black Chicken Remedies website HERE. It also lists local and online stockists too depending on where you stay. 


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