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Bobbi Brown's Rich Chocolate Collection

Rich Chocolate - Just saying this conjures images of glossy melted milk chocolate, cupcakes topped with rich ganache or steaming mugs of hot chocolate and melted mallows *yum* imagine my delight when I heard that Bobbi Brown has launched a collection titled just that - Rich Chocolate. 

Although the collection is titled 'Rich Chocolate' it's actually inspired by both bittersweet chocolate and ripe raspberries. There are nine products in the collection covering everything from eyes to lips. 

Included in the collection: 

* Rich Chocolate Eye Palette (£39.50): Featuring a range of brown tones in an array of textures and finishes. Also included is a dual-ended eyeshadow, eyeliner brush and mirror. 

* Lip Colour (£19.00): Available in both nude pink and berry tones. The formula is creamy and offers a glossy full cover colour for the lips. 

* Lip Gloss (£18.00): Available in new cocoa, soft pink and berry shades, each gloss is vanilla scented. 

* Sheer Colour Lipgloss (£18.00): Available in black burgundy, the sheer version is an excellent gloss to wear alone as a muted lip colour or over lipstick. 

* Blush (£19.00): Available in muted coral pink and red berry shades. 

* Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (£17.50): Available in deep chocolate shades. 

* Long-Wear Eye Pencil (£18.00): Available in black plum and Black Chocolate. 

* Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (£20.00): Available in Bittersweet. The shadow stick is supposed to last 8 hours and offers an easy glide on application. 

* Extreme Party Mascara (£19.00): Available in Black Chocolate. 

What I love about this collection is not only the gorgeous shades and products but it's simple and self-explanatory. It's called the Rich Chocolate collection and it's just that, full of rich chocolate shades and warm berry tones. There's another beauty collection I'm going to be announcing in the next 24 hours that is so different which completely doesn't make sense. Let's just say you should name your beauty brand based on the actual shades. Like you wouldn't call this the Bright Summer collection, would you? 

What do you think of this collection? 

You can find the collection over on the Bobbi Brown website HERE and it will be available at counters from September. 


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