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B.Tempt'd With Daytime Lingerie

I have a love-hate relationship with lingerie which I suppose is quite strange especially when I actually take a few moments to consider it. When I was younger I loved buying sexy matching underwear sets, it really didn't matter how much lace, boning, wires or ties they had as long as they made me look hot and booby. 

Now that I'm older I find I'm more inclined to opt for underwear that leaves me comfortable and makes my outfit and figure look chic. At the end of the day I'm a whip it all off and get into my lounge wear kinda gal so comfort is a huge priority. As a young lady I would look at the underwear that streamlined you, held you in and left you looking nude with absolute horror. I just didn't get why anyone would wear them - Until now. 

T-shirt bra's and soft cottons are great additions to your underwear drawer. There's really nothing worse than popping on a t-shirt or jersey type dress and seeing lacy bumps and bra darts. I recently came across the B.Tempt'd range while browsing for new undies, I've got to the point where I want matching underwear (makes life so much easier in the long run). As a mum I have enough decisions to make without having to pull together underwear that may or may not look that good so nice matching undies makes me feel and look better. 

Here's a few of my top choices from their Spring-Summer collection. 

I love the primrose yellow tone and the streamlined effect this vest and matching briefs gives. These are also excellent loungewear options as you can pop on some lounge pants and you're ready to well... lounge, as well as being a great underwear option for wearing under suits, blouses and skirts. 

Nude but feminine. I love the lacy back band and the tiny lacy panels on the briefs. I use to love thongs - I wore nothing but thongs, but nowadays it's all about the briefs for me. This would be an excellent option for so many dresses, shorts and evening wear. 

Hot isn't it. That peach-coral shade is so flattering and the moulded cups and briefs are great options for wearing with well anything. This type of bra is a great option for wearing with jersey and cotton materials such as t-shirts. It's this type of underwear set that leaves you looking seamless with a sleek silhouette.

This is the nude version of the set above. You can see how those cups are molded and look like a second skin. Plus it looks really comfortable doesn't it. 

One of my favourite sets, this is a t-shirt bra with some lace bordering. The duo straps are a cute embellishment and the briefs look really comfortable. 

This range is stocked in a variety of stores and online sites, you can track them down by heading to the store locator over on the B.Tempt'd site HERE. Having taken a closer look - Because I NEED that peach-coral set I found ASOS,  Simply Beach website stock the range as well as Harrods


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