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Burberry Trench Kisses Collection

What makes a product stand-out form the rest? maybe it's the colours and sheer range of options? maybe it's the reviews or the social hype? maybe it's the story it weaves in your mind - a romantic idealism, a childhood memory or maybe it's something as simple as a pattern on a box or a new bottling concept? We're all different so our reasons for falling in love with a product or collection vary but sometimes there comes along that one product, like the ones above that make you go 'w-o-w' 

When I look at the picture above I see the type of woman I dreamt of being while growing up. I wanted to be classic, demure even. I wanted to wear good fitting clothing, have my hair and nails done nicely and I wanted to rock simple accessories and lipstick - daily; like my mum. I loved brands growing up but while my friends went for clear branding I opted for clothing that you couldn't see the brand. For me it was about the internalised feeling you got when wearing that extra special piece of jewellery or that gorgeous designer dress. 

The latest collection by Burberry just launched and for me it's very much a demure, classic womanly collection - I simply adore it. It's called 'Trench Kisses' and has been inspired by a palette of oxblood, black, trench and accents of gold.  It includes the first-ever available shades of Burberry Nail polish. Burberry do plan to release a full collection of polishes in October but I'll post separately on that. 

The items in the collection are: 

  • Burberry Effortless Kohl Multi-Use Pencil - It offers a highly pigmented crayon which comes in three shades; Oxblood, Poppy Black and Stone. 
  • Burberry Nail Polish - Offers a protective long lasting finish in three shades; Oxblood, Poppy Black and Stone. 

You can pick up any of the Trench Kisses collection products over on the Burberry website HERE, or also in dedicated Burberry counters nationwide. 

Look how pretty, I really adore these and for storing these would be an absolute dream wouldn't they? What do you think of the collection lovelies? 



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