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Caseable UK Debut - Multifunctional Design

I like to pretty up everything from my face, style, nails and of course my home; it's only natural that someone who loves to make everything pretty would be interested in the recent announcement - Caseable has launched in the UK! 

Caseable is pretty huge in the US and I know a fair few American buddies that rave about the brand or Instagram their newest purchased - damn you I'm jealous! The brand offers a range of hand-crafted, custom covers for laptops, tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. 

They construct their wares from recycled materials and feature collaborative designs from international artists. They plan to start working with UK artists so if you're an artist it may be worth contacting them to find out how you can submit your work. 

While I adore my technology especially my Ipad and laptop this isn't the primary reason why I'm excited. It's become a major trend to use Caseable products; especially the larger cases for clutch bags. Having seen those on Instagram (hence my jealousy) I NEED to get in on this action. 

Here are some of my favorite-possible clutch bags cases: 


Amazing aren't they. This is just some of the designs and you also have the option of designing your own; your favourite quote, colour to match a new dress or even pop a photo onto your case. 

You can check out Caseable UK HERE. What do you think of the idea of using a case as a clutch? Would you rock it? 


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