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Christmas: Bailey's Chocolate luxe

Let's get the whole legalities out of the way. Alcohol is for 18 years and over, please do not buy this or get someone to buy it for you then hold Sweet Elyse Blog accountable for any hangovers, antics or drunk dialling that may happen. I do not condone underage drinking in any way shape or form. Plus it gives you wrinkles.... don't do it. 

Moving onto the tasty treat that is Baileys Chocolate Luxe. Baileys in any flavour is a hit with party-goers and as receiving as a gift. The Chocolate Luxe flavour is the first time that real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol in this way. 

It's pure multi-sensory alchemy lovely. Available to purchase just now the 50cl costs £16.99 and I'm pretty sure a bottle of this is going to make someone super happy come Christmas.  

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