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Christmas: Benefits Countdown to Love

Let's be honest who still buys themselves an advent calendar at Christmas time? I no longer do but I still wish I had one if that makes sense. Every year I get so excited when it comes to advent buying time, my sons take their time to choose their favourites and we've had low cost versions to middle range Thornton's chocolate to 'designer' type high-end calenders - each have been just as exciting. 

Every morning it's me that 'reminds' my sons to open another door asking what they found behind it, I always wished they would do adult ones to be fair because us adults need chocolate to get by. I heard about a few brands doing limited beauty calendars but always seemed to miss out or hear about it once it sold out. This year that's not going to happen - I'll make sure of it. 

Benefit are the reason why I won't miss out. They have announced that they will be releasing a 'Countdown to Love' calendar on November 4th. You're probably thinking that this would be more suited to Valentines aren't you? I know that's exactly what crossed my mind, even now I'm still trying to see the connection between a countdown to love and Christmas and to be fair I can't see it. But it's Benefit, It's Christmas and it's a calendar - the rest just seems so unimportant. 

The calendar has 24 'boxes' containing travel-sized versions of their most popular products. You will find 'That Gal', The POREfessional, High Beam, Sun Beam, Benetint, Posietint, BADgal Lash, and Ultra Plush Lip gloss; and a bracelet, necklace and barrette. 

Such a great way to stay beautiful in the run up to crimbo, to give to a make-up lover to open on Christmas eve or even on Christmas day or just buy it for yourself to revel in it's Benefit goodness in preparation for the big red man coming. 

You can check it over on the Benefit website on it's launch date HERE


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