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Christmas: Mavala's Christmas Offerings

Another week another Christmas idea post lovelies. We all have that special someone who says 'don't get me anything' and it's always the person that seems to be the hardest to buy for, isn't it? I mean just tell us what you want!.... tell us anything at least because saying you don't want anything isn't helping anyone's stress levels. 

So what do you get for that special someone? Mavala is releasing their Christmas offerings as they usually do in a typical Christmas fashion. Do you remember the Mavala angels from last year? They were so cute. 

This year Mavala have decided to introduce Christmas baubles. The baubles will include two 5ml nail polishes in Rouge Rubis and Pure Diamond - these have been encased in the clear bauble and tied with a satin ribbon so they can be hung on the tree. They are also priced exceptionally well at only £5. These would make amazing little secret Santa gifts too wouldn't they? 

Also included in the offerings are the Cracking Duo sets which come in six colourways. These are priced at an affordable £8.95 and the colourways are: 

Elle and London - Grey and Red. 
♥ Vegas Pink and Vertigo Red - Bright Pink and Maroon. 
♥ Miami and Mexico - Bubblegum Pink and Purple. 
♥ Ruby and Marron Glace - Red and Purple
♥ Rose Dust and Sweet - Nude and Pink. 

♥ I'm not sure of the sixth collection - yet! 

You will be able to purchase these at a range of sites online including the Mavala website HERE. I fully recommend stocking up for those surprise guests, mistaken gifts and of course secret santa's (or yourself). 


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