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Christmas Philosophy

Philosophy will be releasing new products in the run-up to Christmas. I know this news is going to make Philosophy lovers everywhere happy. Starting in October variants of popular products such as the shower gel & bubble bath and 3-in-1 shampoo. 

These will include Homemade Honey Buns, Homemade Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Fluffy Cupcake, Spiced Gingerbread, Granny's Apple Pie, Old Fashioned Eggnog and Butter Rum Cake. 

These will be priced at £14 each and the multipurpose products are said to provide a moisturising creamy lather to cleanse and conditioner the skin and hair. There will also be a Homemade Honey Buns body lotion priced at £14 and a lip shine gloss in Old Fashioned Eggnog, Fresh Cream, and Raspberry Glazed which will cost £10. 

Of course, there are still classic options to choose from. Hope in a jar, Amazing Grace fragrance and Purity Made Simple cleanser are great stocking filler options this Christmas too. 

Are you a fan of Philosophy? I'm partial to their Pure Grace fragrance. You can check out the Philosophy products over on their website HERE.


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  1. I bought Butter Rum Cake and Peppermint Sticks from Nordys today and am in love. Butter Rum Cake is like last years Hot Butter Rum but less maple syrupy and has more of a caramel smell. Peppermint Sticks is my fav though and smells like candy cane but sweeter and creamier.


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