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Christmas | The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Christmas is coming soon and I'm both excited and anxious at the same time. To start off the official Christmas countdown series I wanted to start off with this uber cute floral and striped manicure purse. 

This is launching at Boots on September 9th and it's by The Vintage Cosmetics Company. It features an emery board,  scissors, cuticle pusher and nail clippers and will cost £10. This is one of those gifts that not only looks cute and is functional but it's suited to all ages. 

Try adding a Nails Inc. polish and wrapping in pretty cellophane all tied up with a polka dot bow for a teen or young woman. Add some luxury hand cream such as Cath Kidston's Bluebell nail and cuticle lotion or Philosophy's Hands of Hope cream - you could add these into a square box and tie it all up with a velveteen bow for someone older, I know I would personally love either of these suggestions. 

Thrifty tips

 Remember you can reuse a normal postal box, wrap it with some pretty papers or even decoupage. 

 Then cut up or shred scraps, old magazines, vintage book pages.

  Another idea is to brew up some strong tea, add a few drops of perfume or essential oil to the tea mix and then dab it onto a normal piece of white paper to give it a real vintage look. Once it dries it will become scented. Shred or cut these sheets of paper for a gorgeous scented gift that your receiver's going to love. 

 Don't want to buy or make stuffing? why not purchase a gorgeous bushy length of tinsel and pop it into your gift box. This will keep your gifts safe and sound. 

  Why not wrap your presents in brown posting paper (£1 for a large roll at Poundland), stamp your gift or wrap with tinsel for a low-cost way of wrapping that ultimately looks chic for all ages. 

Once launched you can check out this item over on the Boots website and The Vintage Cosmetics Company website directly. 

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