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Chritsmas: Not On The High Street, Xmas Ideas For Young Children


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Christmas is coming... Christmas is coming. As we speak there is 121 days, 23 hours and 54 minutes until the jolly big man arrives and takes credit for all of our work *sigh*  Regardless of that minor flaw in the whole crimbo plan I wanted to start with some younger children's classic style gifts. 

Where would you get such awesome gifts? Not On The High Street that's where. I love NOTHS because it sells such a huge array of gifts from classically styled products to the more outlandish and unique and the prices; again they have something to suit all budgets. I tend to follow my favourite NOTHS sellers over on Facebook, I love the sheer passion many of them have and I love that they are very much customer focused offering amazing care and support throughout. 

Because I love NOTHS so much and do personally use them (this is in no way sponsored, paid or even requested from the company) it's only natural that I would include them in my Christmas countdown. I have found the baby and child products to be second to none, excellent quality and up to a better standard than high street chains. 

My pick is of eight product that would really suit any child. Chances are they're not going to have these as the high street is over-saturated with TV character products (Except Early Learning Centre). 

1. knitted Blue Monkey Rattle - Not only is this little dude cute and handmade but he's a rattle! how amazing is this for a newborn; it's so hard to buy for babies less than one other than the clothing of course so this is a great suggestion. 

2. Girls Fluffy Tu-Tu Skirt - Suitable for ages 3 to 6 this super cute ballerina-inspired skirt is going to make any little girl feel like a princess on Christmas day. 

3. Canvas Tipi - How amazing is this? I want it for myself, It's always been a dream of mine camping glamping in a bohemian tipi with my family; in the meantime, this will have to do - you know pawning off my dreams onto my kids and all that jazz. 

4. All Terrain Wooden Rocker and Ride On - My son caught a glimpse of this and scrambled over to me quicker than quick; stating he wanted it added to his Santa list I think it's a sure-fire hit for any child. What I love is that it can be converted with age from the rocker you see to a ride on a motorcycle. 

5. Wooden Xylophone - Classic functional toys will never go out of fashion. TV characters will, wooden toys really won't. My sons all had a wooden xylophone and their little faces when they were banging on those sticks simply made my heart melt. 

6. Wooden Ride-On Scooter - It's a freaking mod style scooter! buy it just because it's so damn cute and em, I'm sure the little ones will love it also. Did I say it was so damn cute? 

7. Your Very Own Library Kit - Make-believe play is great for children to boost confidence and interpersonal skills. I use to have a post office set (it was in an open up case, did anyone else have it?) This little library kit is a great way to make your little one feel like an adult and increase their passion in books. 

8. Keepsake Write On Bear - Ideal again for all ages, your little one will have a ton of fun designing their own bear. Once they're all designed out it can be washed and re-designed the next day. 

Cute stuff. I hope you've felt somewhat inspired, I do plan to bring you more suggestions and tips in the lead up so feel free to email or Tweet me your suggestions, questions and more. 


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