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Ciate Feather Manicure's - Crazy or Cool?

Is it just me or does anyone else think this overall look is kind of gross? I just don't get the whole interest in whopping (it's a word okies) some dull feathers on your nails? I could maybe understand the idea of a peacock feather with it's gorgeous array of jewel tones but these feathers? I'm completely baffled. 

Realising that not everyone thinks the same way as I do I decided to post about this anyway. Ciate have revealed two Feather Manicure kits which will be on sale on the first of September. The first kit is a monochrome black and white version; the second is the same but comes in colour. 

So what is a feather manicure? Well it's a basic manicure with feathers stuck onto your nails and trimmed. The kit contains a white base polish, feathers, clear topcoat, scissors to trim the excess and little buffing pads to finish the overall look. 

Here's a peek at the actual kit: 

Although not everyone's cup of tea I can see this being a huge hit with nail fanatics and teens all over the world. I'd be quick on the mark if you plan to get this for a Christmas present to be honest as I can see it selling out, although it's a white base you could of course use any colour of polish and even a few glitzy diamantes would help glam this look up a bit. 

The kit will cost £20 and be available over on the Ciate website HERE come September. 


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