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Beauty Craziness || Double D

Foundations, Concealers, Primers and of course BB creams. What started as a new fab then progressed onto the next alphabet letter CC, we all joked about their being DD, EE, and even FF creams not really thinking it would ever happen. 

Well, it will be coming soon. If you felt confused about the differences between BB and CC creams them chances are you may be even more confused about the next edition. 

BB Creams: The BB stands for 'Beauty Balm' it basically works like a tinted moisturiser offering additional benefits such as antioxidants and SPF protection. BB creams apply like cream while many brands moisturise in the same way as a serum would do. 

CC Creams: The CC stands for 'Colour Correcting' CC creams are supposed to address issues such as colour variations, redness, and dull tones. CC creams usually contain light diffusing particles which brighten the skin, CC's usually apply lighter and can at times scare off new users due to their funky colours; these colours which are usually blue, green, red or yellow do not transfer to the skin instead they balance out and neutralise the skin tones. 

DD CreamsDD actually has a couple of possibilities - 'Daily Defense' and also 'Dynamic Do-All'. The DD cream is set for possible release next summer but as to it's actual use we're still kind of in the dark. One of the possible uses is for the body and feet rather than the face and the second is the baby of a BB and CC coupling. Coverage and neutralisation and balance - sounds too good to be true? 

Most brands, however, offer BB and CC creams which don't really act in the way they're supposed to. BB's are more tinted and CC's are more for balancing your tone to give an airbrushed, natural healthy colour. It seems brands are just throwing the double letters onto any of their correcting products hoping for a sales surge. 

Like foundation, BB creams can be just as troublesome. They are marketed as offering great coverage with a light texture, leaving your skin moisturised and hydrated and nourished with a variation of vitamins, antioxidants and SPF's. The truth is - some lie.  I'd urge you to test our a range of brands before purchasing because some do leave you looking flaky, dry and orange - never a good look. 

When trying out a new coverage product it's best to test it out on your jaw line, to see if it really blends in with your face tone. Testing on the inner wrist or the back of the hand is no use to anyone as the skin tones never the same as your face. 

While it's definitely exciting when a new coverage product is released I'm not sure if this is a bandwagon I'm going to buy into. For a start most brands don't offer light enough shades so the DD could either be a hit or miss for light toned girls. I don't get how they're going to offer the right shade - and - the right colour correcting tone in the one product; surely there will be too many options? 

What's your opinion on this double letter craze? personally I think it's all a bit too gimmicky and basically a way to get more money out of consumers by telling a little white lie, I'd love to know your opinions however. 


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