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Dr. Ceuticals || Body Tone & Tan

Most people will tell you that a natural glow makes you look thinner, toned even and I do have to agree. It seems whenever a tan's applied half of my cellulite lumps and bumps disappear *yay* Now, hold up your hand if you've ever purchased a product that tones up your thighs or your stomach etc? *puts hands up* and pop up those digits again if you've ever used self-tanner? *raises the roof once again* 

Dr. Ceuticals have combated the whole need to buy two separate products with their Body Tone & Tan. Body Tone & Tan is a gel which has intelligent slimming active ingredients that help to improve the firmness and tone of the skin, the gel also combines a gentle self-tanner that leaves you with a streak free natural glow. 

The first step is to exfoliate as you would do with most tanning products. The second step is to simply apply in long swooping strokes. Apply to the tops of feet and backs of hands and heels last so you don't oversaturate the area and get those horrible marks. Don't forget to wash your hands with soap afterwards to stop any stains on your palms and in between your fingers. 

I will try and get a swatch pic added this week, unfortunately I never managed to snap this on as my little monsters all took ill but it looks amazing. If you're a fan of a deep tan then this isn't going to hit the mark for you. If you're a beginner to tanning or especially lighter skinned then this is a great way to get started and I'd definitely recommend this as a tanner. The toning aspect only time will tell but you know me, I'll keep you updated. 

You can check this out over on the Dr. Ceuticals website. It costs £19.99 and the 200 ml tube contains more than enough for multiple applications. 


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