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Ebay Wishlist : Top Ten Charcoal Goodies


Charcoal is a wondrous product both for health and beauty. I've noticed a huge increase in high street brands utilising this ingredient but why has it suddenly become so popular? The easiest way to describe it is simply that it absorbs and it does it really well. Think of it as antivirus software for your body.

Charcoal has been used to purge the body of toxins and well, basically anything that shouldn't belong there. Hospitals use it for overdose patients because it works quickly and effectively without doing any harm, detox salons and spa's use it for the skin, feet, hair, and dieticians use it internally to settle gastric issues and to kill internal parasites.

Skincare brands have taken a keen interest in charcoal also because of its ability to offer quick results, the brand wants to increase word of mouth and ultimately sales so a product that offers amazing results is ideal - charcoal does that for them. Take for example Glamglow - the actual ingredient that makes this product so wondrous is the Activated Charcoal. Charcoal absorbs grime, grease and any other nasties that live on or in the skin; it also has the ability to clear away microscopic amounts of dirt so your pores really do benefit from the get-go.

This eBay wishlist is a top ten under £5 including p&p list, I wanted to focus on products that offer the same benefits without the inflated price tags that you see on the high street. It's normal for products to become so heavily inflated purely because of a hyped ingredient, take for example the 'superfood' type ingredients; Acai, Goji, Volcanic Ash, Goats Milk and more recently Argan Oil.

If you break down the product most brands are simply taking a base ingredient say for example Argan oil. They then add a little bit of fragrance (sometimes) and some preservatives (not needed) and inflate the price up to ten times what it should cost. Cut out the middle man so to speak and try some of these thrifty alternatives. I've found while doing this series that the low-cost brands (especially lippies) are actually amazing.

The Top Ten

1. Daiso Blackhead Mask

2. 3 x Blackhead Remover Strips

3. Etude House Black Charcoal Chin Pads

4. Revlon Colourstay Matte & Perle Shadow

5. Bamboo Charcoal-Infused Pad

6. Mistine Black Head Peel Off Mask

7. Weikang Charcoal Soap

8. Pout Cream Eyeshadow in Charcoal Grey

9. Pop Eye Magnet Shadow in Cool Charcoal

10 NYX Jumbo Eye Stick in Slate.

There are no links purely because you can search for these exact products over on Ebay. I then advise you to click 'Price + P&P Lowest First' and then hit the Buy it Now button to give you the cheapest options.

These all cost actually less than £4 including p&p. I've personally purchased the peel of mask, charcoal soap and chin pads as well as some activated charcoal tablets (to crush and turn into scrub - recipe to follow). I'll be sure to show you them once they arrive.

You can search for these over on Ebay HERE.

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