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Ebay Wishlist || Under £5 Including P&P

Ebay under £5

It's another Ebay wishlist bay-bee's. I am really starting to become addicted to the foreign lippy's. I've so far had good ones and bad ones and for the price I have been completely sold on purchasing beauty items from abroad. 

Because most of the items I purchase from Ebay are under £5, I decided to ' what the heck, lets just do a £5 and under including postage and packaging'. I'm glad I did because I found so many more items in the search process that I'm sure you will see featured soon. I also managed to find awesome products that are actually under £4! how good is that? 

Here's my twelve item wishlist, I'm hoping you will feel inspired by these as well as seeing what £5 can get you. Sometimes it's not always the more expensive products that work out being the best overall. 

1. Nautical Bracelet Bundle £1.79
2. Tony Moly Petite Bunny Glosses $5.49 ( £3.54)
3. Beauty Sponge Blender £1.08
4. Miss & Mrs Lipsticks $3.98 (£2.57)
5. 5 Packs of Collagen Crystal Eye Patches £0.99
6. 20 Cute Kitty Nail Waterslide Decals £1.99
7. Kitty Tights $3.99 (£2.57)
8. Lioele Lip Crayon £3.46
9. Missha Snail Renewal Cream Samples x 3 £1.88
10. Cute Childhood Coin Purses $2.99 ( £1.93)
11. Tous Touch Golden Bear Lipstick $3.99 (£2.57)
12. Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip & Cheek Stain $5.69 (£3.67)

What do you think lovelies? Pretty awesome goodies aren't they. 


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