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Elisha Francis's Fresh Laces Collection

Exclusivity is key when you want to stand out. Whether you're buying a gift for someone special or just want to treat yourself Elisha Francis's Laces Collection is a sure-fire way to make stand out in a crowd. 

Elisha debuted her limited edition Fresh Laces collection at Harvey Nichols which was a huge hit. There are plans for another two city tour starting in October also so keep your eyes peeled. The collection is made of Black Onyx Beads with Sterling Silver 'sneakers and footwear' charms alongside a 'Fresh Laces' branded tag. 

charms include Converse, Dunks, Inneva and Jordans or there is also the option of having a silver spacer bead if you're not into urban footwear. Of course, the plain spacer beads will look awesome alongside the sneaker bracelets as a part of an arm party. 

The bracelets come in a variety of sizes and can be made bespoke. They are limited and only available upon request - If that's not exclusivity then I don't know what is. These would make excellent Christmas gifts lovelies. Prepare in advance so you can enjoy the Christmas season when it comes, rather than be completely stressed. 

You can check them out at Elisha Francis.


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