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Eyebrow Tips & RapidBrow

I started plucking my eyebrows young. I hated that I had blonde hair and super dark and bushy eyebrows so under peer pressure from my BFF I plucked those bad boys. I wish I hadn't started so young I really do but at that time I was uneducated in brow info (yes really) I wasn't aware that I would end up with patchy eyebrows now as an adult. I wasn't aware that hairs could only withstand a certain amount of plucking and I wasn't aware that bushy brows were beautiful. 

I had eyebrows like Cara Delevigne, those dark thick and bushy brows are what make her so interesting. Most people think of eyebrows and the automatically think 'Ah Cara' but there's a few other celebs rocking a natural brow - Lily Collins for example could give Cara a run for her money and has been rocking those brows for much longer than Cara. 

As apart of my groundwork prep I've now included the RapidBrow into the mix. I'm also using the Rapidlash (review here) and RapidShield (review here) as well as Transformula's (review here) and a variety of other nurturing products. I figured I may aswell try and improve my brows also since I was tackling my hair, skin and lashes. 

RapidBrow enhances your eyebrows by conditioning them with a specially formulated serum that you simply brush on. 

The brush resembles a white mascara brush (classic style) and you simply brush it through your brows. The formula is said to work within 60 days so I'm going to wait until then to give a final review. So far so good however and I've noticed a few hairs are growing in thicker - It feels strange as normally my hairs are quite fine and fall out easily. 

Overall I hope this product and the others work as I'd really like to improve my overall appearance to a healthier looking version of myself. If you're new to eyebrow shaping and plucking here are some tips on getting a natural shape without over plucking. 

There are a few rules when doing your eyebrows, following these rules ensures that you end up with the right shaped brows for your face. I use the side of my tweezers to measure and you could use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to make some markings if you're not fully confident at first. 

1. Finding the start of your eyebrows : Starting from point 0 at the side of your nostril line up the tweezers so they go straight from your nostril to the inner side of your eye. Mark the point on your eyebrow where they hit. This will become point 1. This is where your eyebrows should start. Pluck any strays that fall outside of this marking (in between your eyes for example). 

2. Finding your natural arch point : Again placing your tweezers on point 0 take them straight along so they sit on the outside of your pupil. Mark the point on your eyebrows - This will be mark 2. This is the point where you will pluck underneath so your eyebrows incline and then start to decline to the end. 

3. Finding where your eyebrow should end : Again starting at point 0 measure straight across to the outside of your eye. Mark the point on your eyebrows. This will be point 3. Pluck any hairs that fall beneath this line (shorten your eyebrows), you may find that you don't need to take much hairs away from here as it tends to just be a few stragglers.

If you're not confident you can mark each of the points then join them up, then pluck the hairs out with the newly drawn shape. Remember it's best to pluck a little and then go back than to over pluck and have to wait for them to re-grow. There comes a point in the life cycle of an eyebrow hair where it simply won't grow back - No-one really talks about that and it's because of over plucking that many ladies (including myself) end up with gaps and bald spots on their brows. 

I'd love to hear how you get on, remember you can Tweet any questions or comments as well as commenting below - I always reply. You can purchase RapidBrow over on the Boots website. 
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  1. I'm using rapidbrow at the moment, it really works

    1. It's amazing eh! I actually had the best results with Rapidshield which brushes on like a mascara, it left my eyelashes really long and didn't sting at all. x


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