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Foreo New Luna Mini Facial Device

Forea recently launched their new Luna mini facial cleansing devices and I was so excited when mine arrived. These seem to be more affordable than Clarisonic and as a thrifty mamma, I would much rather pay less and get more. You also don't need to re-purchase brushes so overall the Luna is more cost-effective. 

The luna feels velvety smooth as it's made from a unique silicone material; the Luna is shaped like a moon I suppose and contains a range of brush surfaces at the top that cleanses dirt and makeup residue from the skin with T-Sonic pulsations. The Luna Mini is supposed to be used for one minute in the morning and the same at night so that all impurities are effectively driven out of the skin - leaving you feeling glowing. I actually used mine for slightly longer because it was so relaxing. 

If your anything like I am the colours are going to attract you initially, which colour would you go for? I'm a pink girl myself but I do really love the soft grey too. Because these do look pretty and I suppose ornamental in some weird and wonderful way they really wouldn't look out of place in your bathroom or on your dressing table. 

Here are the 'facts': 

* There are three 'zones' with a total of 1k+ soft silicone nodules. 
* The T-Sonic technology directs up to 8k pulses per minute across the skin's surface, gentle cleansing and scouring the skin to perfection. 
* The Luna and Luna Mini are suitable for all skin types. 
* You can use the Luna machines with all standard cleansers, gels and creams. 
* The Luna is 100% waterproof. 
* The Luna machines come with a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee. 
* Colours available: Magenta, Petal Pink, Turquoise Blue, Purple and Cool Grey.

I've been using my machine for three days now and I did suffer from a breakout on day two which was expected. To fully cleanse the skin it needs to purge itself of the build-up and toxins which ultimately cause breakouts and skin changes. These do clear up so don't worry if you do react in this way also. 

They also tell you when to change area as the machine flashes telling you to move to another area, which makes sure that you're really getting an overall clean. So far I've found my Luna Mini easy to use, gentle and a real pleasure to use. I fully recommend these machines and of course, they make awesome Crimbo gifts too. 


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  1. Hey babe, is it normal if my breakouts last for about a week or so? :/

    1. Hi Anon *waves* it's absolutely normal hun as the Luna kicks up all of the clogged pores and bacteria which makes things a little worse but believe me it gets so much better. Once you're using it regularly your skin will calm down and stay clear. I can't recommend Witch Stick enough for the first phase of using any sort of cleansing machine as it curbs the spread of bacteria and reduces inflammation. x


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