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Get Jourdan Dunn's Style at ASOS

Jourdan Dunn is a beauty of a woman it's hard to not get slightly envious. That streamlined figure, that dewy perfect skin and her hair *ugh* I won't keep going on. 

This picture was of Jourdan at the Glamour awards 2013 totally rocking her Victoria Beckham dress and looking very sophisticated. I for a fact would wear everything she's wearing in this picture, especially the VB dress but the cost is simply too much for me. 

So what does a fashionista do when you can afford pieces that make up a style you've seen? why you look elsewhere of course. I headed to a few sites but it was ASOS that I found had the best range of similar style pieces. Of course, you're never going to get exact copies but, I thought these were pretty much a similar concept and with a bit of styling, they would look so gorgeous on a night out. 

I'm definitely on the hunt for the best party dresses - with party season quickly approaching time's running out (oh gah, I sound like the tax credits advert don't I?) What do you guys think of the sophisticated style of these dresses? do you tend to opt for sophistication, festivity or something completely different? 

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