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Giordani Lacque Brilliance Polish

You've read my other reviews on Oriflame and in particular the Giordani gold line. So far I've yet to be disappointed but each time I test out a new product for some reason I always forget just how awesome the actual products have been. 

This is the 2-in-1 Lacque Brilliance polish which consists of five shades that deliver long-lasting colour and high shine in one coat. This polish also acts as a nail strengthener for up to 7 days which is a brilliant idea. I've found my nails have taken a real beating, so products that work to strengthen them are way up on my wish list at the moment. 

I have the Pearly Nude shade, you know me and my nudes. At first glance this looks like any other pretty nude shade but when you tilt the bottle it starts to sparkle. The sparkles are very fine and pink - almost like a duo chrome. 

I initially thought this this was a close dupe to Essie's A Crewed Interest. The Essie polish doesn't have sparkles however but the actual nude shade seemed really similar, so I swatched them both. 

So which one's which? on the left is the Giordani Pearly Nude and on the right is the Essie A Crewed Interest. In this light you can tell that the Essie is slightly darker than the Giordani but in terms of coverage they are both equal let me assure you. I was so surprised because after all Essie is a major player in the nail polish world, right? 

In this picture Essie does look darker purely because you can see the sparkles in the Lacque Brilliance. When you take a photo from a different angle however they are very similar in tone. The polish itself becomes fully opaque at two coats and applies like a dream it's neither too thick or too fluid. 

The colours in the range are: 

* Misty White: White

* Pearly Nude: As shown above. 

* Pink Carat: Pink with lighter pink shimmer

* Lacquered Cherry: A gorgeous plum cherry shade. 

* Royal Red: A red polish with pink shimmer

This was released on August the 3rd and can be purchased over on Oriflame's website HERE. It's currently £6.95 up until August 31st when it will revert back to its the normal price of £8.95. 


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