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H&H Metal Nails : Yay or Nay

Metal Nails
Metal nails are increasing in popularity. The first brand I ever came across doing metal nails was Bohem (review here); Bohem offers precious metal focal nails which were so genius and unique. I recently heard about H&H who also offer metal nails and are a celebrity favourite - how hadn't I heard of them before? 

Beyonce, MIA and Rihanna are all mega fans of the H&H brand who are designed by Holly Silius and Hanna Warner. The brand were made their catwalk début on the Thierry Mugler's AW12-13 show and apparently from that point they garnered a huge following - again how did I not know about this brand? 

The H&H collection are inspired by nature. Thorns, leaves, thistle, wood, webs and animal skulls are all cast from hardened gold, bronze and silver nail pieces leaving utterly fabulous embellishments for your nails. The brands third collection included nail rings and full thimble designs, personally I am loving the nail ring style and the dangles. 

MIA personally wore the jaguar design, Beyonce on the other hand opted for the spike tips gold nails. 

Just like the Bohem nails H&H nails can be re-worn time and time again just as you would any precious metal jewellery. Prices range depending on metal, design and exclusivity but the Jaguar nails start at £102 for one nail. 

Would you wear these? do you love your celebrity icon enough to follow in their footsteps? I love the creativity with this range but personally find the Bohem nails equally nice (possibly more classic however) but more affordable. If you're after a luxurious treat or an accessory to add to your collection you're really not going to go wrong with these.

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  1. I think they look pretty but I don't think I could pull them off. Raspberrykiss xo


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