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Jane Iredale New Puremoist Lipstick Collection

Jane Iredale are really popular in Scotland among beauty therapists and make-up artists, I think the college place major focus on the brand due to it's ability to suit all skin types and tones while remaining pretty classic. Similarly to PUR Jane Iredale are a mineral make-up company and if I had to put it into an age range I'd say it's mostly marketed towards 30 year old's onwards. 

Age range aside you can't fail to not love their newest additions -  Puremoist lipsticks. Inspired by autumn, this range offers seductive, darker and richer tones to really bring your look into season. The lipsticks are made with vivid pigments that have been blended with nourishing oils and superfruit extracts. 

The range includes neutrals, warms, pinks, plums and reds. There are a range of finishes so you can take your pick from sheer glossy lippy's to matte and creamy. While you show off your new pout the lipstick is actually infused with vitamins A and C and coffee seed extract to offer you subsequent antioxidant protection. 

Here are the shades: 

Priced at £19 each you can find the brand in local beauty salons and online outlets, doing a Google search also shows Look Fantastic offer the range HERE. It's best to shop around for the best overall prices though lovelies. 


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