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Katy Perry Does It Again

The third Katy Perry style post is once again about a gorgeous outfit she wore while promoting the Smurfs 2 film. I'm pretty sure this is all down to a stylist rather than Katie however I'd love it if this was the beginning of her turning glam and sophisticated. 

This gorgeous strapless number is a Zimmerman dress, she also paired it with those gorgeous black Jimmy Choo pumps that are the identical pair to the silver ones she wore with her Dolce & Gabbana striped dress. If you missed that post you can find it HERE.

I tried to find some more dresses that were 'similar' but I struggled. These three dresses were chosen purely for their stripes, metallic threads and of course the shape. Katy Perry's Zimmermann dress is actually a clashing metallic patchwork fabric on the bottom, finding an affordable dupe is tough! 

Paired with her pretty dress are the awesome Jimmy Choo pumps, hoops and a couple of stacking bracelets. Katy's kept it pretty simple which is what makes this work. 

The dresses are:
Madewell - House of Fraser - Roxy

The Shoes:
River Island - Zara - River Island 

The Accessories:

River Island - Kate Spade - Kate Spade - River Island 

What do you think of this Smurf tour outfit? I personally prefer her lacy look but I know some others don't. 

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