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Katy Perry's Smurf Style Gets Lacy

Kooky Katy Perry goes demure for the Mexico junket for Smurfs 2. I love Katy Perry I do, over the last few years I've looked at her in awe and complete fascination; those outfits can at times get a tad OTT but I suppose that's what makes Katy P the fashionista that she is today. 

What surprised me however is how chic and demure she has been looking for the Smurfs 2 promo tour. Yip, she's definitely been rocking out the blue shaded dresses but given that she plays the voice of Smurfette it's only natural that she veers towards the blue tones. 

I just love this look on her, it's so very chic but playful all the same. Katy's dress is by Monique Lhuillier and her pumps are by Jimmy Choo (of course). What I find completely ironic with Katy's style is that when you place her in a serious setting - Such as making music, going on tour etc she's very playful and make-believe with her sense of style. Put her into a situation where it's all very childlike such as the Smurfs film and the voice-overs and she becomes very lady-like - Who would have thought? 

I really don't think I would have changed a thing about this outfit. The A-line retro shape suits Katy's body perfectly, some dresses can make her look top heavy but this really looks perfect. The coral nail polish, the silver pumps and even the blue floral head dress just work on her. It's definitely a playful look and not one that all celebrities would be able to pull off but it's perfect on her. What do you guys think? 

I've found a few similar types of dresses of course at an affordable price, as much as it would be a dress to own that particular dress the £300+ price tag isn't an attainable price for everyone. 

Blue Dress

These dresses are from New Look (£25), Boohoo (£33) and Coast (£145). 

Silver Pumps

These pointed pumps would look gorgeous with the royal blue dresses just like Katy wears. These both come from ASOS and are £25 and £45. 

Finally the accessories, how I adore accessories...


The floral headband is from Crown and Glory (£18), the Jessica coral polish (£9.75) is from John Lewis, the pave ring (£17) is from the Bauble Bar and looks as though it should be worth oh so much more doesn't it? The earrings cost a few pounds from Ebay and the bracelet is from Accessorize, finally the two cat eye styled glasses are a snip of the cost of Katy's D&G ones and both are from ASOS.

What do you think of Katy's look? I will be posting a few more of her Smurftastic looks over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled lovelies. 


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