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Katy Perry's Striped Smurf Style

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013. The bold stripes, the retro shape of the dress and then the tropical theme of the headband and chunky earrings - Who would have thought of putting those two themes together? 

Somehow they work so well, but can it be transferred into the real celebrity world? YES... yes it can take a peek. 

She looks so serene and angelic doesn't she, like a Disney Princess. I just wished that the outfit wasn't a complete copy of the runway version and that she had added some of her own quirky personality into it somehow. She did only put one earring in but still, I think I'd do the same, look at how booming heavy those look. 

I adore her nude pumps, I do wonder what a white shoe would have looked like or even a red. Personally I prefer her outfit in my last post, the one with the Monique Lhuillier lace dress - you can find that post HERE if you missed it. 

I do wonder if this is a new beginning to Katy's style. Is John Meyer having a positive maturing influence or is this purely the work of the Smurfs movie stylists? 

Which style do you prefer? 


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