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Kesha : Then Til Now

Kesha Rose Sebert started off her musical career by singing with Flo Rida on his song 'Right Round' although it was her song Tik-Tok that catapulted her into stardom where she's firmly still planted. 

From the get-go Kesha was known for being a tad eccentric and gave off a sense of 'I don't give a feck' attitude. This was all fine and well for someone who sings about 'brushing their teeth with a bottle of Jack' but over the years it begun to wear thin. Normally you see new stars go a little bit cray-cray especially if they're younger but over a few years their personalities and sense of style start to even out and become more 'real' rather than about the persona they play. 

You can clearly see that Kesha liked to be thought of as the half assed girl, the rocker chic who's a bit dirty and loves guys with dirty moustaches. Filthy ragged clothing, torn tights, ratty hair and makeup that's more stage show than well, anything relatively human. She also goes OTT on her 'illuminati' symbolism, we get it Kesha you're a musical princess, you work for the big guys - let it go!  

As a parent I just wanted to take hold of Kesha of shake her until she realised she is a gorgeous girl and doesn't need to portray this 'I don't give a damn' look. It seemed as though she was afraid of looking pretty, fashionable or normal because it would lead to her to be judged and put under scrutiny - You know how the fashion world is. 

I did watch her TV show 'My crazy beautiful life' on MTV, I thoroughly enjoyed. She was definitely the zany-strong-confident woman and she is actually mega talented. Her ability to write and perform unique songs is awe-inspiring and as much as her song themes are debatable they definitely stick in your head. 

There was one episode that hit home, it actually gave my ideas on Kesha's psyche some strength and it did show that she was in fact a vulnerable young lady. It seemed at that point that something in her changed, she stopped trying to put up that wall and showed the world (MTV viewers) that she was human. The incident was to do with the release of her sex tape which is partly her fault but no-one want to go through that. She didn't want to go out, she was scared of people judging her, scrutinising her and overall paying too much attention. 

From that point Kesha also started to slowly change her style - Did you guys notice that? She then drummed up some male attention and it was the attention of decent guys such as Harry Styles. She had finally swapped her raggy, multi-coloured, feathered, bound and distressed hair for a sleek new shade of blonde; her hair looked sleek, edging on vintage. 

Her style had migrated from holey, ripped shredded, dirty looking band t-shirts to sleek dresses  that actually worked with her gorgeous womanly body rather than against it. She found a passion for polish but liked to go a bit zany with her manicure's and good for her, it's still good to show your own personality. 

I love that she's not afraid to look innocent but womanly, her barriers are coming down and she's becoming a real inspiration. She has a rocking body, her hair looks amazing and yes she looks unique but that's never a bad thing - ever. I've noticed over the last few months she's started adding in more colour, pattern and personality. I can't wait to see where her newfound love of fashion will take her and ultimately her music. 

What do you think of her new look? 


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