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KIKO Launches Dark Heroine Collection


No idea why I had to say that but something about this collection makes me feel all happy and party-like rather than deep, sultry and gothic? But I'm not the creative director and this collection ultimately is called the 'Dark Heroine Collection'. 

This was released on Monday past and it's been getting some major hype, in particular, the palettes which if I do say so myself are gorge. 

Here are the products available: 

Inspiration for the collection comes from neo-gothic references, bold artificial colours. There are eight products and a makeup brush but the products come in so many colourways it's would be too many to individually post on this blog.  

Here is what's included so far: 

 Neon Glow Effect Serum (£13.90) Apply the serum for a gorgeous radiant glow. 

 Velvet Stick Blush (£7.90) Available in six shades. Suitable for all skin colours too which are fab! 

 Dazzling Highlighter (£7.90) Available in two illuminating shades. 

 Dark Heroine Face Brush (£15.90) For use with cream and powder formulas. 

 Dark Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette (£16.90) Available in four shades. Bright Night Lights is ah-mazing! There are four palette colourways but it's that one that stands out. 

 Twinkle Eye Pencil (£6.90) Available in six shades. Colours include teals, browns and blacks. 

 Smoky Look Eyeshadow (£6.90) Available in ten shades including Brave Taupe and Refined Anthracite. 

 Latex Like Lipstick (£7.50) Available in six shades. The stand out shades is Glare Fuchsia (fuchsia) and Iconic Magenta (Pink-Purple). 

 Laser Nail Lacquer (£4.90) Also available in six shades. These are pearlescent shades and don't hold major appeal for me personally. Shades include red, purples and blue shades. 

You can check out this collection and the rest of the product range over on Kiko. What do you make of this collection? Is it dark? 

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