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Lanolips : Banana Balm - Monkey Kisses

Banana - September - Lanolips - EXCITED! 

Yip you ready that correctly Lanolips are releasing their Banana Balm in September. The balm is a 3-in-1 creamy lip balm that combines Lanolips signature pure grade lanolin and 99% natural Banana extract and don't forget the 1% shimmer. 

Because the balm is made using banana the lip balm contains  potassium, natural oils, minerals and vitamins E, C and B - Not something you see in standard run of the mill balms is it?  

The Banana Balm is suitable for all occasions and with the party season just round the corner this is the ideal product to get your lips in tip-top condition and give you the subtle shimmer as you head off to par-tay. 

Suitable for yourself, stocking fillers, last minute gifts and as a secret Santa - you know it's always going to be used and appreciated. A quick post lovelies but the Banana Balm will be exclusive to Victoria Health and you can check it our HERE

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