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Laura Paige Sherbet Lippy : How Good is This Low Cost Brand?

Another eBay find lovelies. This was another 99p purchase (love those 99p finds - don't you?) and the lipstick is by Laura Paige. I hadn't previously heard of this brand but upon closer inspection they do offer a range of cosmetics. The website however doesn't look great and there are typos which is never a great sign but, here's what I think of the lipstick in particular. 

Moving on from my purple addiction I decided to go find some awesome naturals, nudes and pink tones. This was in the nude-pink category and the actual colour is 'Sherbet' while this looks like a baby pink in the casing it actually varies depending on where you apply it and who wears it. 

Take for example my wrist swatch. It looks darker more rosy even than in the casing, The application was an absolute dream - consistent pigmentation, cream like texture and a slight amount of shimmer mixed in with an ultra glossy finish. 

This was very MAC-like to be really honest and reminded me of a creamsicle lippy. When I applied it to my lips however it was much lighter, more like the colour in the casing but, when applied to one of my friends it was darker - it seems like it alters to the person's skin tone which makes it so wearable. 

The lipstick has tiny shimmer particles in it which give the overall colour depth, it's not blatantly noticeable but once it's on and it eventually starts to fade you can see it. Here's a swatch on my lips, apologies about the poor quality pic; I think it's time to invest in a good camera - suggestions gratefully welcomed. 

You'd never think this baby pink shade was the same one swatched on my arm would you? You can check out the rest of the range over on the Laura Paige website HERE, I urge to really try at least one because they are simply amazing. Clicking through from the Laura Paige site it takes you to a stockists 'Makeup UK' where these are £2.29 full price which is an amazing price for an exceptional lippy. 

You can also check it out over on Ebay HERE where it's currently 99p (45p postage). 


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