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Lips & Eye Pencils : 18p Each!

OK so this was a complete spurr of the moment decision while browsing Ebay for more cheap products - for my Ebay wish list posts of course. What actually sold me on these was not the sheer amount for only £2.26 but it was when I zoomed into the image and noticed the nibs. 

The nibs?? what do you mean by the nibs? When I purchase any eye or lip pencils or chubby sticks I tend to look at the nibs; do they look soft, do they look smooth and what type of product are they made from - These are the question that run through my mind in that moment. 

My perfect eye and lip pencils resemble crayons that look as though they are made from waxier lip balms, basically I want it to apply smoothly with little drag and I want a lot of colour while I'm at it. Surely, that isn't asking for much? There are more brands offering pencils like this now rather than the old style hard sticks. Brands like Clinique and Barry M tend to call them 'chubby sticks'. 

So I saw these on Ebay and figured I really had nothing to lose, working these out at cost per pencils they are only around 18p each (give or take). They looked colourful, smooth and creamy and at that price I had to try them out. There are twelve lip and eye pencils in the pack, I personally wouldn't use many of them on my lips but for the eye's I would definitely rock most of them. 

Here are the colours swiped once...

I've found that using primer underneath gives them more of an even shade but for less than £3 these are really good. The only downside is that you don't get much product at all but the plus side is that you get a good range of shades to test out. I also found this helped me find colours to try out that I normally wouldn't purchase, such as the blue's and burgundy. 

I have used the pinks, burgundy red and purples on my lips and I even applied the dark purple over the deep pink and it looked lush, I shall try and Instagram that effect for you lovelies. 

If you wanted to check them out I got them from this seller (HERE) but you can just do a search, remember to choose price + P&P and then opt for the lowest priced buy it nows. 


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