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M2BEAUTÉ Perfect Eyes Kit

M2Beaute have unveiled their 'Perfect Eyes Basic Kit' the kit contains a trio of products housed in a sophisticated transparent cosmetics bag. While this isn't a thrifty purchase it would make an excellent gift for that special someone; it's because of its reviews and gifting possibilities that I've included it on Sweet Elyse Blog

Let me get the price tag out of the way first of all - it costs £117. Some of you will be gasping saying £117 for three products are you cray-cray? others will be thinking it's a drop in the park in comparison to other products; there is no right or wrong opinion with this product as it really depends on what your main worries and areas of improvement are. 

Included in the kit is the M2 Facial Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover. This remover contains cell rejuvenating and lipid properties; M2LASH, this is a lash activating serum designed to promote fullness, length and strength of your lashes; and M2 TOOLS Eyelash Comb, to create a flawless and elegant curve. 

When you consider the price of other lash boosting products such as say Revitalash and other top-end lash activators the overall price makes much more sense. The M2 products have great reviews across the board so I personally want to test it out to see if it can beat my favourite Rapidlash products. 

You can check this out once it's released in September over on the M2Beaute website but it is in German. You can purchase the M2 products on a range of sites in the UK including Amazon. 


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