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MAC Cosmetics Indulge Collection

MAC Cosmetics are releasing their Indulge Collection this September. I adore MAC but rarely get excited about a whole collection, this time round I am majorly excited; especially about the nudes and mauve tones. Feed The Senses Lipstick is a major stand-out product and I want it now!

Indulgent is definitely what this collection is; rich berry shades, golds, warm browns and silky nudes - lush isn't it. 

Here are the pics lovelies: 

Creme Blend Blush in Tease Your Taste and Glamour Fest. I've yet to try any of the MAC blushers as I'm not a huge blush wearer but these look very pretty. 

Haute & Naughty Too Black Mascara: I've no price for this yet but isn't the wand so pretty? 
Small Angle £16.50  Cats eyes? or just a standard liner? either way, the angled brush makes it a breeze. 
Fluff £18 This is the perfect brush for blending eyeshadows as well as sexy-fying up your smoky eye. 

Lipglass £14 available in Ultimate Dish (light beige) and Utterly Tart (red).

Fluidline in black, gold and taupe. I've yet to try any of the liners to be honest, I'd love to hear your recommendations. 

Lipsticks £15 Include Smash Hit (Golden) and Feed The Senses (Mauve-Nude). Be still my beating heart - These shades are right up my alley. 

Nail Lacquers available in six shades including Magnificent Feast (gold) and Screening Room (teal). I'm thinking a french mani in Screening Room and the plum shade?? what do you think? 

There are eight eyeshadows including Beluga (Dark Charcoal), Eat, Love (Deep Emerald) and Deep Cravings (grey). Deep Cravings is the stand out shade for me personally as it's versatile and so purdy. 

The collection will be available over on the MAC Cosmetics website


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  1. Oh wow, I'm loving these shades, especially all the shadows.

    1. Perfect aren't they ASh, which eyeshadow do you have your eye on? (bad pun apologies) X

  2. I love Mac - I have ten lipsticks! - and I use their Peach Twist powder blush, but these new colours look great. A girl can never have too much choice!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. I'll need to check that blush out, the name sounds amazing. Which colour of lipstick do you tend to veer towards Louise? I adore the lipstick in this collection- all of them lol. X

  3. I use nudes like Velvet Teddy when I have dramatic eyes, then plum/berry shades with a slight sheen or shimmer for light make-up like Rue de Bois, but I love bold lips too so I love corals, fuschias and tomato or brick reds. Milan Mode is my fav, but I tried loads to get the right shades for my skin and hair.

    Hope this works, my broadband is playing up! x


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