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Medik8 CE-Thione Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many important functions such as keeping cells healthy, maintaining connective tissues and supporting internal organs while helping to heal wounds, pretty amazing - right? We can easily get Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables and eating a good diet so why is it regularly added to cosmetics and skincare? what's the big fad with this Vitamin? 

When you worry about ageing and you look for products many of us get excited when it comes to collagen. Collagen helps ageing issues, doesn't it. Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen and collagen is a protein that helps the growth of blood vessels and cells that give the skin it's plump and firm appearance. 

It also slows down free radicals by mopping them up like a sponge, free radicals are the molecules that damage collagen causing dry skin, fine lines and ultimately wrinkles. Vitamin C also reduces your chance of sunburn and damage from sunburn as well as helping to reduce inflammation and reducing hyperpigmentation (darkened areas of skin, such as the pregnancy mask) -Vitamin C's pretty awesome isn't it. 

Knowing this makes it understandable that Vitamin C would be a skincare contender the issue with many 'Vit C' products, however, is that the for Vitamin C to be really effective it needs to be activated. Vitamin C can become inactive very easily from air, heat and many other factors. I know Philosophy tried to combat this with their Vitamin C powder  - By mixing it at the point of use there was less chance of it suddenly becoming inactive. 

So you can see why I was excited by the prospect of these Medik8 CE-Thione rechargeable Vitamin C vials. I'm actively trying to improve my groundwork helping to nourish my skin, body and hair and this is simply one step I'm taking in the grand scheme of things. 

This product comes in either a one or two 15 ml vial packs and it's suitable for all skin types and contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and L-Glutathione - The two additional ingredients act as allies and help the Vitamin C to recharge and regenerate while working as antioxidants. 

I loved the fact that it reduces hyperpigmentation. Hormones have left me with marks that I would like to reduce as I know these will grow over time. I tend to be really sensitive to the sun and within ten to fifteen minutes I've got more pigmentation.

Enough of the mumbo-jumbo right, you're probably wondering how the actual product measures up? well, it's too early to give a firm opinion but the product is really nice. It applies easily and dries quickly. You simply squirt out one vial full and apply to the face (or apply directly), you rub it in and it starts to dry. Although it's oil-like it doesn't actually ever feel oily which is strange and hard to describe at the same time. 

It can be used under your skin care products and cosmetics easily and doesn't sting or leave any rashes or spots. Overall it's a fab product which I've enjoyed using, I have been applying this to the whole of my face, my neck and decolletage because I tend to see older ladies with lots of lines around the booby area (never a great look is it girls?) oh and also on the backs of my hands - nipping those ageing hand woes in the bud. I can't wait to see what improvements there are over the next seven weeks. 

You can purchase this over on Dermacare Direct HERE and Feel Unique HERE.


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