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Miley VMA-Trocity - But Wait a Minute...

I decided to throw my two cents out there about the whole Miley VMA outrage that's on-going just now. The major consensus is that Miley is a slut!, she's an embarrassment and so on. First of all I do believe that some of the things have been said are verging on troll-like and if they were said in person to someone it would be deemed bullying, is there really any excuse to be so hateful towards a celebrity? 

I can see both sides of the story. 


  • It's a family show. There wasn't enough clothing and the movements were too sexualised at times. 
  • It was cringe-worthy for everyone including Robin Thicke it seems. 
  • It's not doing anything for the Miley brand in the long run but more on that later. 
  • I feel for Miley's long term partner (and fiance) Liam Hemsworth. 

For (well not really but here's how I'm not entirely 'against' her)

  • Miley is indeed a 'brand' it's up to her management and herself to drum up media miles in any way shape or form. As they say any news is 'good' news. 
  • Twerking is the new 'hipster' thing. I don't get it goodness I've tried to shake my butt in the house like that and nada; no shake, no shimmy, no nothing. It just seems that Miley's taken the whole 'cool' twerking movement too far. Miley it's no longer 'cool' move on. 
  • Her outfit wasn't crazy and she didn't look 'horrible' it was more her movements with her twerking and her foam hand that done it. 
  • Miley's possibly going through some stuff. Her relationships on the rocks, she was caught in the middle of her parents horrible cheating and separation and then getting back together. Her dad at one point stopped all forms of communication so what would a young naive girl do? act out of course. Miley's sexual behaviours maybe her feeling the need to be 'loved' to cling onto something when it feels like everything else is falling apart. Here's hoping she picks herself back up. 
  • Where's her parents and her management? This wasn't the first time she acted out in this way, check her last video for some evidence. Why is no-one stepping in or holding some form of meeting to get her on to the straight and narrow? 
  • Miley's getting to that age where previous Disney stars end up going cray-cray and breaking down or end up doing something genius and become adult stars in their own right. Miley seems to be OK but is going downhill...quickly. Where's the support for her? 
  • While this maybe Miley trying to 'find' herself or a new strain of fans she's not doing anything to really help herself in the long run. 
So it's done we can't erase that awful performance away from our eyes but, we can take a moment to consider what we are saying and to who. Yes I completely agree that she has not acted like a role-model recently and yes as a celebrity she has a duty too act in a certain way. On the other hand do irrational people consider their actions beforehand? I worry, as a parent I'm a natural worrier and there's nothing worse than seeing a train wreck in action. 

Hopefully Miley sees the error of her ways or someone steps in before she ends up just like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes and looses everything. what do you think of the whole VMA-trocity? 


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  1. First of all, let me just start by saying Britney Spears is THE QUEEN. Yes, she had a breakdown in 2007 but she's done incredibly well to come back from that. She doesn't sing about drugs (or take them) but she was a Disney star so as Miley says, 'only Britney gets it'. She has bi-polar disease but she definitely hasn't 'lost everything'. She made $58 million last year.

    Miley's manager is also Britney's manager, he seems like a pretty nice guy and this stunt was intended to shock the audience which it certainly did. I for one can't wait for their upcoming collab.

    The most disturbing part was the twerking into Robin Thicke's crotch...YUCK! Shame on him, he's acting like an old perve, she's just a girl who is working through stuff and wants attention.

    Everyone is definitely overreacting but I wasn't impressed by her performance, her vocals were more shocking than her (lack of) outfit or dance moves. I don't like the fact she's glorifying drugs either by singing about Molly. It drives me nuts when celebrities talk so fondly of drugs, what they do in private is their own business but they need to realise they have impressionable young fans, whether they want them or not. Gaga & Rihanna - I'm also looking at you!

    I still like her and I hope she's okay, whenever I've seen her in interviews she seems like she's got her head screwed on. I get the impression she's loving all the media attention.

    Tara xo

    1. Robin Thicke is so yuck isn't he! notice he doesn't get a hard time yet he seemed to lap it up. I love Miley, I do (and Britney). As a mum I just want to snuggle Miley up and stop them all from dragging her down, I just don't get why her parents aren't doing 'something' to help her.

      Hugs x


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